Alex Leiphart is a skilled, Phoenix-based designer, specializing in visual design. He recently launched a new site to celebrate and showcase his recent portfolio of work.

He asked us to create a brand video for the landing page that expresses his aesthetic and alludes to some of his philosophies and lifestyles. The objective was to create an engaging and brief vignette that allows the viewer to feel as if they've gotten to know Alex after watching. Enjoy, and be sure to explore his beautiful work,

We're also happy to announce Alex and our team have and will continue to work closer together on internal and external projects.


This spring, we had the esteemed privilege of visiting Sonoma County, California. We dirtied our denim and set our alarms to explore the winemaking and culinary processes behind the sheer wonder of Kendall-Jackson Vineyard Estates, one of the largest winemakers in the world.

We worked alongside talented film photographer, Constance Higley, who graciously brought us aboard for this opportunity. The objective was to create three unique videos featuring varying components that form the Kendall-Jackson makeup: Wine Center, Winemaking and Sustainability. Characters ensued, and our job become less of a challenge, and more of cheery union of smiles and salads. Justin, Fritz, Tucker; to name a few.

Enjoy the set with a glass of cabernet. We recently returned from another visit and have more content in the works.


After a summer well spent exploring parts of the planet where the sun is far more forgiving, and tending to the inner workings of R&D, we've jumped back into the fire with full force. We were contacted by Downtown Tempe, (Tempe, Arizona), and asked to create a new video that revisited much of what we'd highlighted in the first, as well as cover many of the new activities and developments that have seen fruition since.

We were able to work with some of our favorites, as well as add a few more to the list. Sarah Hubbell, (EMMA Magazine), and Hudson, made it out to show us around the Guard, Groomer, and Restful Rabbits. Jayarr and copilot, Dominique, gave us a sunrise tour of Tempe Town Lake; and a sunset with his CRAP Ride Tempe cycling group. Geof, Donjay, and Erin Ware worked effortlessly to show us a good time at the new Pedal Haus Brewery. And of course, no DT piece of ours is complete without the musical excellence from our friends of Jared & The Mill; of Tempe.

It's always a pleasure to work creatively alongside Downtown Tempe. More from R&D and DT to come. View our original video created for their #TempeRising campaign with AWE Collective last fall, here (extended), and here.


Grid layout of R&D-made, vinyl-inspired Jazz & Snacks Menus, by @ryannealcordwell via @royalanddesign (Instagram).

While most of our time in Arizona is occupied with creating digital photography and cinematography, there isn't much we enjoy more than holding something we've made by hand.

We recently has the pleasure of working on this menu for a collaborative jazz dinner between local (Tempe) multimedia outlet, The Paper Knife, Crêpe Bar's Chef Kraus, and neighborhood Phoenix music venue, Crescent Ballroom. The objective was to construct a simple food menu for the dishes that would be prepared and served to guests during live music performances at Jazz & Snacks, held August 3, 2015.

In the usual Royal & Design way, we took what could have been a simple, paper menu, a few steps further. We wanted to ensure that the menu would be something all contributing parties would be proud of; something tangible worth taking home rather than being used as a drink coaster. Inspired by the mid-twentieth-century jazz style, we meticulously combed through our collection of accompanying vinyl covers in effort to emulate the same type of originality that was used by the artists behind them. We created art inspired by one of our favorite photographs from our culture series with Crêpe Bar, and decorated it with era-typefaces to depict the event's information. We created a physical 8" vinyl sleeve from 80 lb stock, and with the help of Chris, (@cwgalli) scored, adhered, assembled and stuffed each of the thirty menus prior to the event. The food items were then hand-written by Ryan, per chef's request, and completed as doors opened.

The success of the evening was carried with music by The Reid Riddiough Quintet and Dick Nixon and The Crooks, on Crescent's stage, as Chef Kraus's food kept a salivating crowd, asking for more.

The Reid Riddiough Quintet, Jazz & Snacks, Crescent Ballroom, August 03, 2015

Photography by Ryan Neal Cordwell, 2015


Homepage of the new Cartel site ( Feat. the R&D Studio, Phoenix, with Technical Director and co-owner Dylan Brabec.

Cartel Coffee Lab barista, Michelle Johnson serves Cartel staff, and guest, Jody Johnston, at Cartel Ash.

Cartel Coffee Lab's roaster, Paul Haworth loads coffee into the SF at Cartel Ash, Tempe, Arizona.

Today is a very special day for Cartel Coffee Lab. Following countless cumulative man-hours with design and developing from Alex Leiphart, the direction of Jules Tompkins, and our photography efforts. Cartel have launched a new site. It showcases information on Cartel history, location and sourcing, as well as educational resources developed by Cartel staff, and the ability to order Cartel online. Our photography is featured throughout the site- locations, elements, and scenes; from all Cartel shops.

With the announcement of the new site, Alex recognises day one of his new position as Social Media Coordinator (@cartel). This is the beginning of a new chapter for one of our favourite coffee communities, and an evolution of our ongoing relationship. Expect to see more collaboration in the near future.